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2018 is the Best Year to Buy a Fitness FranchiseIf you have always dreamed of owning a fitness business, there is no better time than now! Let me tell you why.
Despite all the drama for the Trump administration, the market is performing very well with the Dow Jones surpassing 25,000. The economy is strong and banks are more willing to lend.
Two Major Changes This Year Benefit Both Buyers and Sellers
For Sellers: The newly lowered tax rate for pass-through corporations creates a much stronger return on their investment.
For Buyers: The SBA has lowered the 25% equity down payment requirement to only 10%.
First Time Buyers
Perfect candidates for SBA loans should have credit scores of 720 or higher, education and real-life experience. This experience hopefully will consist of hiring, marketing and a proven history of successfully running a fitness business.
If you have good business skills but not all of the above, you should consider buying a fitness franchise.
Why Buy a Fitness Franchise?
Many banks favor businesses with recognized brand names and proven records of success.
A fitness franchisor can provide:
A Proven Business Model
An Established Brand
Training Programs
Ongoing Operational Support
Marketing Assistance
And much more!
This is the year for you to turn your passion into profits and join the $83 billion global fitness industry. Contact American Gym Trader or a Fitness Franchisor today. You’ll be glad you did.
The “Lone Ranger”
Every business broker has consulted a business owner who thinks their business is worth more than the current market says. This is especially true when it comes to the “Lone Ranger” business owner who has his hands in practically every part of the business. When the owner runs everything, even with several employees, most of the value of the business leaves when the owner exits. Whether you’re an owner thinking about selling or a broker consulting with a potential seller, here are a few basic strategies to maximize the business’s value and ultimately get a higher sales price.
1) Develop an Operational Process
One way to alleviate this problem is for the current business owner to put in place a system for running the business that can be operated by anyone. Examples of operational processes are often seen in franchises and can be extremely helpful with any business exit strategy. The process doesn’t have to cover every possible detail, but buying a proven, documented system gives a buyer more assurance and confidence that they can meet and even exceed the current operation quickly. Business sellers should have thorough, well-written manuals that can be followed by anyone to complete tasks for a variety of situations.
2) Train some Employees
Another simple, and often overlooked, way to help alleviate the “Lone Ranger” problem is to train other employees to run the business. We often speak with sellers who have never approached this concept for fear of giving up control, or even lack of trust that more complicated tasks will not be completed by their employees. This fear and lack of trust can come back to bite when they try to sell their business. Establishing a hierarchy of employees with clear, delegated jobs and tasks (especially at the top) provides the buyer a smoother transition into operating the business.
Maximizing Value
These are just a few quick, general solutions to a common problem when selling a “Lone Ranger” business. Selling your business can often be one of the biggest financial transactions of your life and it is crucial to maximize the value received for something you worked so hard to build.
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